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The 2D side-scrolling cyberpunk Dex officially releases

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The Kickstarter journey for cyberpunk Dex from developer Dreadlocks has truly come to its end as the 2D side-scrolling RPG has achieved a full digital release. From today it's available through Steam and Humble Bundle.

The promised "game extension stretch goal" is still planned and will release as the first free DLC for Dex. The team have released a launch trailer for their "little neo-cyberpunk odyssey".

Cyberpunk action stealth RPG Dex enters 'raw beta' on Steam

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Developer Dreadlocks has announced they've decided to proceed with moving their story-driven, side-scrolling action stealth game Dex into beta instead of delaying it. However the indie team warn it's rather 'raw'.

It can be played from start to finish but it's "far from polished" and should be avoided for those wanting to fully experience the cyberpunk tale. This beta has "dozens of new locations" and NPCs to interact with.

2D cyberpunk RPG Dex receives 'High Life' update, adds new branching quests

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Developer Dreadlocks has released their 'High Life' update to the Early Access version of Dex, the 2D side-scrolling cyberpunk RPG. New locations, NPCs and branching quests are included in the update.

A new trailer has been released highlighting the additions, which also include new enemy types, a new skill, a skill-level increase, new mini-games and puzzles, better quests log and more implants.

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