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Interview: Michael Westgarth hops to the near future to find out about cyberpunk adventure DEX.

The fellows at Dreadlocks have been hard at work on their cyberpunk adventure DEX following a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Drawing from the best of cyberpunk media, DEX aims to put players in a living, breathing, dystopian future where huge corporations are constantly at odds with wily hackers. Dreadlocks made their way from the Czech Republic to England last weekend to attend...

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Preview: Michael Westgarth gets gritty with the indie cyberpunk adventure DEX.

December 2013 saw indie dev Dreadlocks double their Kickstarter goal for cyberpunk adventure DEX, and it's been full steam ahead ever since. The Czech team was eager to show off its work-in-progress when we met them at EGX Rezzed 2014 and provided us with a pre-alpha build to muck around in. But what was there to glean from our time in DEX's city of Harbor Prime? Read on to find...