Divinity: Dragon Commander

EU & US Release date: 6 Aug, 2013
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Divinity: Dragon Commander Features

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Preview: Dragons and Rocket-packs. 'nuff said.

It's amazing how entire games can evolve out of the most simplest of desires. Despite the success of Divinity II - especially after the more polished re-release - the developers weren't really happy with dragon combat and how it worked. Months of experimentation and tweaking later, they eventually realised that, actually, there might be something fun here, and thus Dragon...

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Preview: I am a Dragon. Hear me roar.

Two years ago, we were sitting in a press booth at GamesCom watching Dragons fighting each other. Dragons with Jetpacks. Set in the Divinity universe, this strange and wonderful action/RTS steampunk hybrid seemed like the best idea since sliced bread, and yet little has been seen of it until now. At a recent press event in London, we were delighted to see Divinity: Dragon Commander had...

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Preview: Squire! Fetch me my jetpack...

Once you get over the fact that you’ve got a Dragon with a jetpack, Dragon Commander is pretty much like any other RTS. In a similar vein to Total War, this is a game of two halves – strategic empire management, and tactical battles. Actually, there’s a third half, which is the Starcraft II-esque ‘command ship’ interface. This is where you get involved in a bit of role-playing; talking to...