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Doom (2016) Summary


Doom (2016) Review

Chris Capel takes his last girlfriend's advice and goes to Hell.

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The identity of Doomguy is finally revealed, and it's John Romero

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Since the release of Doom in 1993 one detail has been shrouded in mystery: who is the mysterious protagonist known only as Doomguy? Well, we now know the face behind the mask.

DOOM VRF Is Bethesda's Latest Trip Into The VR Space - Unless You're An Oculus User

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Like DOOM? Like VR? Well you better hope you didn't side with Oculus in the VR race, as Bethesda announce DOOM VFR solely for HTC Vive - and Playstation VR.

DOOM Patch Notes - Free Update 5

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Still playing DOOM? Of course you are. We've waiting a long time for Bethesda to deliver unto us a fresh take on th Doom formula, and they delivered in much the same way they did with Wolfenstein.

It's Marine v Prowler In DOOM's New Multiplayer Match-up - Arcade Mode Joins In Too

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Fancy yourself a bit of a speedrunner? While likely not achieved through glitches and wall hacks like the original Doom title, the latest update to breakout 2016 reboot DOOM gives you the tools necessary to charge through the campaign in spectacular fashion.

Doom’s first DLC is available right now

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Bethesda and id have really started to enjoy their surprises, and they’re not making exceptions for QuakeCon. They used the stage to announce an early release for Doom’s first DLC pack, Unto the Evil, a full day earlier than scheduled.

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