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Doom (2016) Review

Chris Capel takes his last girlfriend's advice and goes to Hell.

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The Best Shooters on PC

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Sometimes when playing a game, you want to immerse yourself in the deep tactics of a strategy game, or the captivating story of an RPG. At other times, you want to pump hot lead into a bunch of baddies. That, of course, isn't to say that shooters cannot be deep or have great storylines, but when it comes to shooters, the focus is shooting. Here are the best shooters on PC.

Play Quake Champions for Free... in the original Doom

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Can't afford or run Quake Champions? Modders have recreated it with Quake Champions: Doom Edition. That's 1993's Doom, no less.

id Software has no plans for Doom single-player DLC

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Despite Doom 2016 being praised for it's wonderful single-player offline campaign, id Software and Bethesda still have "nothing on the table" regarding non-multiplayer DLC for Doom.

The identity of Doomguy is finally revealed, and it's John Romero

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Since the release of Doom in 1993 one detail has been shrouded in mystery: who is the mysterious protagonist known only as Doomguy? Well, we now know the face behind the mask.

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