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Dragon Ball FighterZ Key Binding Support Available For The PC Release

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Dragon Ball FighterZ will have Key Binding support on release, Bandai Namco confirmed today.

Key Binding will be an essential option for PC users, as they'll want to plug-in their own controllers and map controls to their preference, when Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on Friday, 26th January.

It Looks Like Dragon Ball FighterZ's Single-Player Won't Go Beyond A Simple Stage Select - But We Get 3 Arcs

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It feels like forever since Dragon Ball FighterZ was officially unveiled at this year's E3. With a January 28 release, we're certainly getting close, and a new story trailer gives us a look at the game's single-player segment.

V-Jump Magazine Reveals Both Captain Ginyu And Nappa As The Newest Playable Dragon Ball FighterZ Characters

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As Japan typically does, they've revealed new information about the growing roster of Dragonball FighterZ in a magazine - V-Jump to be exact. The latest issue was used to announce that both Captain Ginyu and Nappa will be playable characters. The game also had its Japanese release date confirmed as February 1.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Characters, Moves, Release Date, Gameplay Trailers - Everything You Need To Know

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Dragon Ball FightersZ is the latest entry in the acclaimed fighting game series from Bandai Namco Games, and is currently slated for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in early 2018. The manga-inspired brawler is already shaping up to be a pretty meaty affair, offering an eclectic cast of characters for players to choose from, each of whom possess a unique moveset to duff up their opponent with.

Watch Trunks Destroy Freiza In New Dragon Ball Fighterz Gameplay - Beta Signups Start Soon

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Renowned for their work on the beautifully chaotic Guilty Gear games, Arc System Works were unveiled at E3 last month to be finally working their magic on the Dragonball franchise.