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One for the coulrophobics out there. Or Tim Curry fans.

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Dropsy: A Point and Click Hugventure is out this September, and its trailer is a thing of surreal beauty

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At first glance the latest trailer for surreal point and click adventure game Dropsy: A Point and Click Hugventure might convince you that you're slowly losing your mind, starring as it does a handless, broken-toothed clown who hugs everything he sees.

It's a concept that should have dedicated coulrophobes running for the hills, but actually that's not creator Jay Tholen's intention at all – the game is about “loving the unloveable”, and despite Dropsy looking like the sort of creature that would corner you in a nightmare and devour your soul, he's actually just a lovely chap looking for a place to fit in.

Dropsy makes Kickstarter goal, arriving on PC in October 2014

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Independent developer Jay Tholen's point-and-click clown adventure Dropsy has nearly concluded its successful Kickstarter campaign, and will be hitting PC, Mac, and Linux in October 2014.

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