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GameWatcher 2018 Game of the Year Awards!

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It's our Game of the Year Awards 2018! We've got a load of great games here, but only one can win! What will it be?

DUSK, the spiritual sequel to Blood, will release on January 11

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DUSK, The new FPS made in the style of classic FPSs like Blood, Redneck Rampage and Duke Nukem 3D will get Episode 2 and an Early Access release in January, with the final version due early 2018.

Dusk - A retro FPS drops a reveal trailer

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If you're a fan of old FPS games you might be interested in Dusk, a new retro-style FPS game that promises to drop sometime in 2017. Dusk is inspired by games such as Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, Hexen, Half-life and Redneck Rampage with more than enough bloodshed and gibs to live up to those titles.