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Dying Light Features

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Interview: Chris Capel chats with Techland's Tymon Smektala on their first-person zombie game that isn't Dead Island..

Personal interview techniques I learned during this chat with Techland’s producer Tymon Smektala, who was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about their new zombie title Dying Light: do the interview first, play the game afterwards or before, not during. It’s rather hard to ask questions and hear the answers while wearing oversized headphones and fighting off zombie attacks. Also make sure...

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Preview: It's nearly here, and Chris Capel gets a more thorough play on Techland's Dead Island successor..

Once upon a time there was a game called Dead Island. It was made by Techland, those guys behind the excellent Call of Juarez games, and it was an ambitious free-roaming co-operative zombie RPG. Some might say too ambitious, since it was riddled with bugs, not much fun in single-player and a little repetitious in design. After making a swift follow-up in Riptide the licence passed to Deep Silver, who assigned...

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Preview: In which we discover the simple joy of applying spiked baseball bat directly to zombie kneecap.

Dying Light has some work to do in order to differentiate itself from fellow open-world zombie game Dead Island 2.  Which is an odd state of affairs, as developer Techland was behind the first game in the series that's now their main rival, before a split with publisher Deep Silver forced them to go back to the drawing board. Yes, it's been a long and winding road for...

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Interview: Nick Horth tracks down lead designer Maciej Binkowski to get the scoop on Techland's parkour-happy zombie-smasher, Dying Light.

Polish team Techland found themselves in a tricky position when they split with publisher Deep Silver last year. No longer involved with the Dead Island franchise that had once been their baby, they still had plenty of ideas on how to build the perfect open-world zombie game. But how to make it stand out from their previous effort (and Yager's forthcoming sequel Dead Island 2) while still...

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Preview: This ain't your slightly older brother's Dead Island..

When Dying Light was introduced to the gaming world, there was one question that greeted it: “isn’t this just Dead Island?” There was also “oh no not another zombie game”, but that wasn’t a question. Techland’s been playing catch-up addressing both of these statements, but the proof’s in the infected pudding. With that in mind, I was eager to get my hands on the game to...