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Elite: Dangerous - What Does the "Your Client is Too Old" Message Mean?

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Getting an ominous 'your client is too old' message when attempting to play your favourite space trucker simulator? Fret not, it's no biggie.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter 4 Launches Next Week

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Elite Dangerous' Beyond season comes to a close with what is said to be "the biggest Elite Dangerous update of the year".

The Greatest Virtual Reality Games On PC

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Some of the hype around VR may have quieted down and the promise of it becoming the next big thing in gaming may yet be a bit further off, but the platform is still strong and developing, with early adopters no longer being plagued by a game drought. Not only does VR have plenty of titles, it also has plenty of great titles.

The Thargoids Return To The Elite Dangerous World For The First Time In Two Decades

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Though you would have thought Frontier Developments were knee-deep in Planet Coaster and/or their new Jurassic Park game, they're still toiling away on the world of Elite Dangerous.

Paradox Interactive Invites Minecraft And Planet Coaster Developers To Talk Creative Games At PDXCON 2017

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The world is one vast, open playground. It is in real-life, and that fact only becomes more drastically true as we look at today's gaming culture. Constantly spoiled by these open spaces with developers constantly trying to build one larger than the last, it's time to look back at what makes these sandbox environments so gripping. And four of the leading development teams will be doing just that at PDXCON 2017 next month.

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