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Interview: Nick Horth sits down with the team at Amplitude to discuss their fantasy 4X title Endless Legend.

Amplitude's very pretty fantasy 4X strategy Endless Legend has been in Early Access for some time now, and it recently received a bumper new update adding multiplayer functionality and two new factions. It seemed like a good time to track down game director Max von Knorring and co-founders Romain de Waubert and Mathieu Girard for a lengthy chat.

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Preview: Nick Horth explores Endless Legend, the latest entry to the ever expanding Endless universe.

Endless Legend is set in the same universe as Dungeon of the Endless, the upcoming roguelike and tower defense game also under development by Amplitude Studios, and Endless Space, the space 4X game they released last year. I love this concept. You're leading ancient civilisations that laid the foundations for the rival factions in Endless Space, taking...

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Preview: I Am Legend.

From the guys who brought you Endless Space, Endless Legend is a fantasy style, Civ-like 4x game set in the Endless Space universe, but on one particular planet. Given the fantasy setting, we assume it’s fairly early in the universes’ life cycle, but given the studio’s penchant for involving background lore and material, anything is possible. The basic...