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Paradox Announce Release Date For Indian-Themed Europa Universalis IV Expansion

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Titled 'Dharma', this expansion pack will - obviously - focus on the riches and intrigues of Indian politics, which are a bit of a rare feature in video games.

Paradox Interactive Hosting Second Europa Universalis IV Grandest LAN Event In November

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Paradox Interactive has teamed up with Dziobak LARP Studios to host the second Europa Universalis IV Grandest LAN Event, which will be taking place on 7th - 11th November at the Moszna Casle in Poland.

Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia Release Date Announced

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"Keep your traditions in mind, yes, but the past should be a guide, not a fetter."

Paradox Interactive Decides To Scare Us All With... A Halloween Sale

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Despite recently seeing a bit of backlash on their decision to up the prices of their games, Paradox Interactive joins the Steam Halloween Sale with some hefty discounts.

Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization Changes A Lot Of What You've Played Over The Years Next Month

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The last content pack to hit Europa Universalis IV was Third Rome back in June. Before that, Mandate of Heaven in April. Only one of those counted as an expansion pack, so another is due very soon. Cradle of Civilization sounds very serious indeed.

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