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Europa Universalis IV Summary


Europa Universalis IV Review

Ahistory at its finest.

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Paradox Interactive Brings E3 To Strategy Fans - Releases Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Univesalis Expansions

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While E3 starts to wind down after an exhausting - if not exciting - week of gaming goodness, Paradox Interactive have those covered who'd rather spend the time conquering the world while the rest eyeballs games far further down the release calendar.

Around 20 New Events Are Planned For The Europa Universalis IV 1.21 'Hungary Update'

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Last week saw the regular Europa Universalis IV dev diary touch up the details of the upcoming 'Hungary Update'. There's no solid release date in mind just yet, but let's recap on its efforts.

Europa Universalis IV Patch Notes - 1.20.1

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When it comes to strategy titles - or just PC titles as a whole, these days - there's always work to be done post release. A 1.0 version typically indicates a product shipped to the consumer in a fully fleshed-out and finished state. But when it comes to a strategy game, it's typically only the beginning.

Breach A Wall And Declare Bankrupcy When Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven Launches Next Week

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With around 9 days to go before Europa Univeralis IV gets expanded upon with the Mandate of Heaven expansion pack, there's a bunch of free goods arriving with the patch that isn't tied to those picking up the expansion at launch.

Journey To The Far East When Europa Universalis IV: Mandate Of Heaven Releases April 6

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Announced less than two weeks ago, Paradox Interactive have already began to share intricate details of the latest expansion to Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven. And this time, it's the all-important release date.

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