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Europa Universalis IV Features

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Interview: All good things come with a four on the end...

Paradox Interactive have always been a champion of niche gaming, especially in the strategy genre. In recent years though, the ‘internal’ titles like EU, CK, Victoria, HoI** have ceased being the central revenue stream for the company, with third party titles like Magicka taking over. Thankfully, Paradox will never abandon the genre that made...

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Preview: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Colonies.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. I’ve always subscribed to the belief that there’s an ‘integrity’ to a gameplay experience that has to be maintained – ‘min/maxing’, or any kind of gameplay style that involves pushing mechanics as far as they can go for optimum results (or tactics like zerg rushing, etc...) is something I’ve always found abhorrent and also kind...

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Preview: Don’t forget to check out the interview as well...

Following Paradox’s recent announcement regarding Europa Universalis IV, I bet you’re hankering for more details, aren’t you? Well to stave off disappointment, we can say there’s not much else at this point in time. Given the fact that it’s still a year away, there was only so much Paradox could show off this time around… seeing what we talked about before in action was still pretty...