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Brad McQuaid returns to EverQuest after 12 years

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A founding designer for EverQuest has returned to the series having have left it 12 years ago. Brad McQuaid worked at Verant Interactive before Sony Online Entertainment snapped the studio up.

He left in 2001 to form Sigil Games, which was later bought by SOE in 2007. McQuaid has decided to return to the series he helped create, finding it "still very much the EQ I was involved with."

Everquest III will reboot series like Abrams' Star Trek film

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SOE president John Smedley discussed the next Everquest game, looking at its past and ahead to the series' future. The original has just been inducted to the GDC Online Awards Hall of Fame, the second game ever to be honored in that way.

Everquest III could hit PS3?

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Everquest III, which was announced back in 2006, may be coming to the PlayStation 3.