Fallout: New Vegas Latest Updates

Pillars of Eternity and Fallout New Vegas devs Obsidian Announcing New Sci-Fi RPG

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The new RPG from Obsidian, creators of Pillars of Eternity and Fallout New Vegas, is space-based - and it'll be announced at the Game Awards.

Fallout: New Vegas 2 Not Likely to Happen, says Obsidian

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Who knew something so clearly apparent could be so sad at the same time.

Obsidian's Next RPG Will NOT Have Microtransactions or Lootboxes

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Despite Take-Two publishing Obsidian's next RPG title after Pillars of Eternity II, Obsidian says their next RPG from Fallout co-creators Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky will NOT have microtransactions of any kind.

Fallout New Vegas The Frontier Gets A New Trailer

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An upcoming mod for Fallout New Vegas has received a 4-minute trailer to showcase just how big this mod will be. In fact, the mod itself is a fan-made expansion to the game with a huge amount of content including an entire new location, Portland.

Fallout New Vegas Multiplayer mod designer seeks Beta testers

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If you could bring a trusted friend into your Bethesda experience to wander the wastelands or lands of Tamriel, would you? For a lot of players, this would be a dream come true. Modders have long worked to try to circumvent Bethesda systems to allow this possibility and now a new Fallout: New Vegas mod is asking for player participation in a multiplayer Beta.

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