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Fallout MMO rights belong to Bethesda as Interplay settles

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The long, vindictive legal dispute between Bethesda Softworks and Interplay over the Fallout-licensed MMO has finally been resolved, as Interplay accepted a $2M settlement from Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax, with each party agreeing to cover its own legal costs.

Bethesda denied Fallout MMO restraining order

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Develop Online has learned that a court has ruled that Bethesda cannot restrain Interplay from including Fallout characters and references in their Fallout MMO. It's fairly assured that Judge John Walter felt Interplay owning the Fallout license would allow them to use assets, characters and narrative belonging to the Fallout IP, as Bethesda ridiculously claimed they had no right to them.

Interplay: Bethesda wants "entire" Fallout MMO incompatible

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Troubled Interplay, both legally and financially, has issued a statement to the court in the ongoing case battle between the two saying Bethesda 'knew'.

What they 'knew' was that the MMO would use more than just the franchise name. They say Bethesda's claims would mean wrong "story, characters, and art".

Interplay Fallout MMO in financial peril, could bankrupt studio

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Very stormy clouds loom over publisher Interplay as a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commision reveal how troubled their company is.

If they "do not receive sufficient financing" then Interplay must "liquidate assets", or be "forced into bankruptcy", unless they keep going but suffer "material harm".

Bethesda reshuffle lawyers again

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Once more Bethesda has given the reins to another legal team to handle their lawsuit against Interplay over the Fallout license and the MMO in the works.

Interplay meanwhile continues to stick with their single attorney, Jeffrey Gersh. Bethesda say they optioned the license to Interplay but they broke agreements.

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