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Far Cry returns home: to the PC, and the tropics. No Trigens this time though.

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'Far Cry: The Wild Expedition' out February 21st, includes Far Cry Classic

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The compilation bundle Far Cry: The Wild Expedition from Ubisoft will be out February 21st now, as it delays from the 14th. Ubisoft has released a new Far Cry Classic launch trailer, which is part of the bundle.

It's the original Far Cry updated with HD splendidness, and includes some beefed up game mechanics. It comes to PC at around £24.99, and £29.99 for consoles.

Ubisoft Shanghai contributing to "next Far Cry"

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Once again Ubisoft Shanghai is aiding in the development of the Far Cry series, according to the LinkedIn profile of studio design manager Xavier Plagnal who's serving as "content director" on the project.

This would almost certainly be Far Cry 4, which Ubisoft has teased would be revealed 'soon'. Far Cry 3 propelled the series back into favour after the so-so Far Cry 2.

Ubisoft announce Far Cry: The Wild Expedition for PC and console February 14th

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Ubisoft has just announced the impending arrival of Far Cry: The Wild Expedition which is a compilation of all Far Cry games, from the original all the way to the Blood Dragon.

It's expected to be reasonably priced to bring the cheer of hunting folks down, in jungle or desert, and using some rather serious firepower while doing it. It's due out February 14th.

Deus Ex actor Elias Toufexis originally voiced Far Cry 3's Jason Brody

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Not even those fancy augments from his time as Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Adam Jensen could save actor Elias Toufexis from being replaced as the voice of Far Cry 3's Jason Brody as Ubisoft panicked.

There was a fear the two characters might get 'confused' and so Elias Toufexis had all his voice work scrapped, which was recorded over two years before Deus Ex debuted.

Ubisoft unveil Child of Light, small digital side-scrolling title

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Using the UbiArt Framework engine from Rayman Origins, Ubisoft has announced Child of Light from Far Cry 3 creative director Patrick Plourde. It's a side-scrolling "fairytale game" that's due out this holiday.

It embodies the "Squaresoft spirit" of PSOne era JRPGs Final Fantasy VIII and Vagrant Story, describes the publisher. Plourde created Child of Light as a "counter-point" to Far Cry.

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