Far Cry 3 Features

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Interview: We spoke to Game Designer Dan Berlin about the multiplayer mode in Far Cry 3.

Voice is dead. Long live Vouice. It was interesting listening to the developers when they went over their team play features, and how they wanted to promote cooperation by ‘hard-coding’ more co-operative elements into the game player. We hunted down Game Designer Dan Berlin to find out more… Strategy Informer:

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Preview: Tropical violence, tiger style.

So it’s all about those breasts, right? It’s about the nubile young woman writhing atop Far Cry 3’s lead protagonist moments before whispering machismo-filled nothings into his ear, and then turning to a crowd of chest-beating, haka-dancing forest warriors to declare him alpha male prime; the manliest of all men that ever was; ready to lead his peons into glorious combat and his...

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Preview: Did we tell you? it's all about teampoints!

For our hands-on session, with Far Cry 3 we were just playing the multiplayer side of the game, so no impressions about the story or the single player sadly. Even then, we were only shown two maps and two game modes. Domination – a control-point based mode was played in the ‘Sub-Pen’ level, and then Firestorm was played in a map that involved a lot of ruins and grass and stuff. Massive...