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FIFA series has been increasing football's popularity in the States, EA claims‏

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I'm not sure exactly how all this data has been collated, but EA claims that the FIFA series has been steadily increasing football's (not soccer) popularity in the States.

According to facts and figures in an infographic drawn up by the publishing giant, 34% of FIFA players became fans of pro soccer after playing the game, while 50% had an increased interest in the sport.

Luis 'Bitey' Suarez is banned in FIFA 15 as well

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Barcelona fans hoping to see their club's new Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez in action in FIFA 15 will have to wait until his real-life suspension ends this October 26.

Turns out biting an Italian player live on television at the World Cup has repercussions even in the virtual world.

Weird FIFA 15 PC bug causes entire opposition team to charge towards the centre circle

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While telling your keeper to charge forwards into the opposition area is a legitimate tactical move in football, it's usually inadvisable to do it at kickoff.

Which is why FIFA 15 fans are rather annoyed at a bug in the latest edition which causes the opposing team to all charge towards the center circle.

EA explains the new features coming up in FIFA 15's Ultimate Team mode

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FIFA Ultimate Team mode makes roughly three hundred times more money than the illegal diamond trade, so it's not surprising that EA has been hard at work on the latest incarnation in FIFA 15.

In a new video FUT associate producer Marcel Kuhn explains some of the new features aspiring managers can expect, including Concept Squads, player loans and Friendly Leagues.

PC requirements for FIFA 15 revealed, demo released

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It's always a bit unsettling as a PC gamer, watching the minimum and recommended requirements for the latest videogames slowly creeping upwards. FIFA 15 is the latest upcoming game to have its specifications revealed.

According to Electronic Arts the minimum you'll need is 4GB of memory, a quad-core CPU and a 64-bit operating system; looks like FIFA 15 will be getting the full monty when it comes to visuals.

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