Final Fantasy XV Summary

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Final Fantasy XV DLC Production Ceases, Director Quits

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The latest mainline iteration of Square Enix's flagship franchise had quite a ways to go yet, but those plans are now irreversibly cancelled.

The Best Final Fantasy XV Mods on PC

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Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition has finally got its first taste of mod support, and we've got a list of the ones you have to try out!

Final Fantasy XV Royal Arms Locations

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The Royal Arms are the most powerful weapons in Final Fantasy 15, and half of them are hidden in the overworld map. We show you how to find all of them!

Final Fantasy XV Armiger Unleashed - Here's where to find it

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The Royal and Windows Edition of Final Fantasy 15 adds a new limit break for Noctis called Armiger Unleashed, but it's a little hard to find. Here's where to go.

Radio Tuner mod for Final Fantasy XV allows you to add your own soundtrack

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Want to drive the Regalia through Eos to the sounds of Persona 5? Doom? Rock Me Like A Hurricane? Now you can.

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