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One Of The Creators Of Firewatch Is Working On Something New - Needs A Few Helping Hands

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With Firewatch behind us, some of its creators are looking forward to their next adventure; and they're hoping others are willing to help out, too.

Ford steals Firewatch art to advertise their new cars

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Campo Santo’s Firewatch is memorable for several reasons: the amazing art direction, the great story and those amazing Ford adverts. Wait, that isn’t right. Ford clearly appreciate the art of Firewatch, so much so that they’ve stolen Campo Santo’s promotional art and have decided to use it for their ad campaign.

These Ford advertisements have only been sent out via email right now, as to whether they will be printed is another thing entirely. It doesn’t really matter, as Ford have published a video on YouTube using the Firewatch art back in April, so the car company clearly aren’t afraid of any repercussions.

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