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Interview: Chris Capel chats to Nick Clarkson of Team 17 about their year off from Worms... nearly.

It's becoming a yearly tradition with the Rezzed event that I sit down and chat with a veteran of the British gaming industry at Team 17. Last year was Gavin Hood and we mostly talked about Worms: Clan Wars, but this year I'm joined by Nick Clarkson and Team 17 have a whole smorgasbord of games on their plate for us to chat about. Join us for a good talk about Flockers, The Escapists, Light,...

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Preview: Chris Capel Meets The Flockers.

Hi there, my name’s Lemmings. You may remember me as the game that launched Rockstar to worldwide popularity back when they were known as DMA Design. I’ve had a couple of sequels, several attempts at an update, some forgotten spin-offs, a 3D version that was awful, and all my best games were on the Amiga. My last game was by Team 17, a developer best known for the Worms...