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Promising concept, lacklustre execution.

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Generation Zero Patch Notes - April Update Released

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Generation Zero's April Update is now live, bringing with it a massive host of changes that target bugs and issues affecting the general gameplay experience.

Generation Zero Patch Coming Next Week, Brings 200 Fixes and Improvements

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The first major Generation Zero patch is scheduled to drop next week, bringing a host of fixes and improvements and making opponents more challenging.

Generation Zero Cross-platform - Is Cross-platform Play Supported?

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Generation Zero is at its best when played in co-op. Here's what we know about Generation Zero featuring cross-platform support.

Generation Zero Vesslan Location - Where Is the Vesslan Bunker?

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Your journey across robot-invaded Sweden will require finding military bunkers. Here's some help with finding the Generation Zero Vesslan location.

Generation Zero Max Level - What's the Highest Level You Can Reach?

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Generation Zero lets you specialize your character through skill points earned each time you level up. But what is the highest level you can reach?

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