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22cans may have halted development on Godus

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Eurogamer has reported that development on Godus has “ground to a halt”. Godus has been on Steam’s Early Access program since September 2013, with the developers basically abandoning the game since it launched. Yes, Godus has seen a few patches here and there but they haven’t been significant enough to actually change the game in any meaningful way.

The report for Eurogamer claims 22cans have moved their entire team to work on a new game, The Trail. Their new game was announced by Molyneux back at the Fun and Serious Game Festival in 2014. Eurogamer say the developers had no idea Molyneux was going to announce anything, which makes things very awkward for the studio.

Godus Wars update included microtransactions, lost them after public outcry

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Oh, boy, 22cans, I wanna pull for you. I wanna believe that you’re trying to make a cool, weird game with Godus. But you just keep making it so hard for me.

Godus still exists, gets RTS update as Molyneux comes out of hiding

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Remember Godus? Peter Molyneux’s indie project that was revealed as part of the iOS block-tapping oddity, Curiosity? Where that one kid was going to be god of the game world and receive part of the game’s profits? Yeah, that’s the one!

No, Peter Molyneux is not leaving the gaming industry

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If you follow iconic gaming industry figure Peter Molyneux on social media, you may have been surprised to see he announced his retirement from the video game industry alongside an announcement that GODUS would be pulled from Steam. It turns out these announcements were false and Molyneux's Twitter account was hacked.

Godus co-creator leaves Peter Molyneux's 22cans to 'steer own ship'

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Jack Attridge, co-creator of Godus, is leaving Peter Molyneux's 22Cans to pursue his own game development path. He started the process back in January, before the rather contentious interview between RPS and Molyneux.

Attridge is preparing a "parting gift" for 22Cans, his former boss and mentor, and backers of Godus in the form of a documentary about the developer since its founding, up until the recent unpleasantness.

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