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Grand Theft Auto V Latest News

The OpenIV Team Hopes To Import Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City Into Grand Theft Auto V

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Created back during the Grand Theft Auto IV days, the popular OpenIV modding tool is going back where it all began - to bring Liberty City into Grand Theft Auto V.

Light Up Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos With Sparking Wheels And A Festive Jumper

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You don't tend to see many of the novelty, LED-encrusted festive sweaters in December. Just the slightly less embarrassing 'traditional' ones. But what you don't see in real life is typically all you see in video games. So Grand Theft Auto V has you covered - in bright lights!

Embrace Michael's Kryptonian Origins In This Grand Theft Auto V Mod

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Though shot like an eerie horror movie, the latest wacky Grand Theft Auto V mod video from JulioNIB sees Micheal swap out the explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the arsenal of everyone's favorite Man of Steel.

Samsung Isn't Too Pleased About Fans Modding Their Exploding Phone Into Grand Theft Auto

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Mods have forever been a god-send for PC gaming. If the 20 included levels of your favorite game have finally begun to run their course, chances are there's someone in the world passionate enough to do something about it. Whether that's by creating 20 more, or simply turning your character into a watermelon, there's something for everyone within the modding community. But for Samsung, someone within the Grand Theft Auto V mod circle is now on their hit list.

Allegations of Code Ripping Fragments the Grand Theft Auto V Community

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The much anticipated release of a fan-favorite Grand Theft Auto V mod has been met with allegations of code theft by those working on a similar project.

The popular Redux mod for Rockstar's beautiful crime sandbox has been making the vivid city even more pleasing to the eye for a while now, but the finalized release has seen the modding community fragment after VisualV modder _CP_ commented on similarities between the two hacks indicated some form of foul play.

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