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Grand Theft Auto V Summary


Grand Theft Auto V Review

Patience is a virtue. Now let’s cap some fools and steal their ride.

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Grand Theft Auto Online Attempts To Combat PUBG With Its Own 'Motor Wars' Gamemode

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The runaway success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has ignited the flames of ambition in many a developer. Although the now somewhat traditional Battle Royale theme has certainly been tackled before, the rate at which PUBG dominated the market left other similar attempts in the dust.

The Latest Grand Theft Auto Online Gunrunning Update Brings A Machine-Gun Totting Ride And A New Adversary Mode Game

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With Take-Two and Rockstar reporting on just how much Grand Theft Auto Online's 'Gunrunning' update has improved the resiliant playerbase, it should come as no surprise to see another update. A new vehicle arrives alongside the Overtime Shootout Adversary mode gametype.

Grand Theft Auto V Continues To Be Rockstar's Big Success Story As It Enjoys Its Best Q1 Earnings To Date

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Despite launching Mafia 3 last year, it's still the five-year old Grand Theft Auto V that's reeling in the money for Rockstar and their holding company Take-Two Interactive.

Insanely ambitious GTA5 mod launches Grand Theft Auto into Space

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Fly a shuttle through the solar system, explore distant planets, and attack aliens? Count us in.

Grand Theft Auto VI Motion Capture Seems To Be Underway As An Actor's Resume Lists His Contribution

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Even with Grand Theft Auto V being one of the best selling titles in recent memory, Rockstar is likely to move on at some point down the line. Judging from a proposed actor CV clip, work on Grand Theft Auto VI could have been going ahead for some time already.

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