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Preview: A day at the races with Codemasters' motorsport threequel.

After a very, very, very long development time for Codemasters' track racing sequel Grid 2, it's something of a surprise to find that a third game in the series, Grid Autosport ,is coming out so soon, just a year after its predecessor. Doing away with the slightly mishandled narration and 'story-telling, for lack of a better word, of the previous game,...

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Interview: Nick Horth chats to Producer Toby Evan-Jones about upcoming Codemaster's upcoming racer Grid Autosport.

The original Grid came out way, way back in 2008, a halcyon age full of laughter and fun when we didn't even know what a Justin Bieber was. Grid 2 followed up a long while later in 2013 after a hefty development cycle, and now a new entry in the series, Grid Autosport , has popped up almost exactly a year on from that, fresh-faced and full of beans. I...