Grim Dawn Latest Updates

Take a Look at Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods' New Character Class

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The Oathkeeper certainly has a way with shields, pirouettes, and using both to deal some serious damage.

Grim Dawn is now "content complete"

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The dawn has arrived for Grim Dawn. The fantasy fiction action RPG from Crate Entertainment has spent a long time behind delays and setbacks, releasing a little at a time in Early Access. The journey almost done. Crate announced proudly today that their game is now finally content complete.

Update 28 for Grim Dawn brings Act 4, Devotion System

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Diablo-style hack-and-slash RPG Grim Dawn has gotten a major update which adds the first part to the long-awaited Act 4 as well as a new Devotion system. The Steam Early Access game update also adds a new boss fight and a new level cap of 60.

Act 3 of action RPG Grim Dawn is now fully playable

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After more than three years in development, including a year and a half stint on Steam Early Access, Crate Entertainment's Gothic action RPG Grim Dawn is almost ready for a full release.

As part of the latest Build 26 update, the final section of the game's story campaign is now fully complete, the level cap has been increased to 50, and there are over 70 new epic-tier items to play with. Good things come to those who wait a really long time.

Crate Entertainment talks action-RPG Grim Dawn

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CEO Arthur Bruno from Crate discusses the mighty quest he and his small team have undertaken with action-RPG Grim Dawn, which has been on Steam Early Access for a while now.

They've yet to officially achieve beta and will soon be releasing Act Two for early adopters to play with. It's "technically far along in terms of development" but not in content.

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