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Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet chats Mounts and how they affect the game

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The Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire team developer diary talks about the different Mounts, their personalities and what they add in terms of gameplay in this exclusive developer diary.

Experience The Ride To The Crystal Desert In This Weekend's Guild Wars 2: Path Of Fire Preview Event

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Whether you currently have a Guild Wars 2 account or not, you'll be able to play the opening chapter of its upcoming Path of Fire expansion this weekend.

The Next Guild War 2 PvP Season Sees A Lot Of Big Changes

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We're closing in on a new season for Guild Wars 2, and while that might not mean much for those who enjoy the MMORPG's co-op efforts, it means a lot for those who focus solely on PvP.

April Fools’ turns Guild Wars 2 all retro

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I’m so very happy that April Fools’ Day has stopped being that time of the year when people lie to each other on the internet, and has instead become a day of laughable larks and goofy good times. To that end, Guild Wars 2 is bringing the Spring frivolity a day early with a new update.

ArenaNet outlines plans for Guild Wars 2 in 2016

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It's a new year full of new opportunities and though Guild Wars 2 did quite well in 2015, ArenaNet is certainly not going to be sitting on their laurels and basking in the success of their MMORPG. The developer announced some extensive plans to build upon Guild Wars 2 in 2016.

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