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Cancelled Paradox shooter Hollowpoint returns, now managed by an ex-Rockstar developer

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In March 2016 Paradox Interactive cancelled Hollowpoint, a 2.5D shooter from the makers of Crackdown. Now it's back with a new team managed by Simon Iwaniszak, who's worked on Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Red Dead Redemption, and L.A. Noire.

Paradox Interactive terminates partnership with Ruffian Games on Hollowpoint

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Hollowpoint was originally announced as a co-op action game in development for the PC and PlayStation 4. It marked the first partnership between Paradox Interactive and Ruffian Games (Crackdown 2).

Paradox and Ruffian Games release story trailer for Hollowpoint

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The co-op action game Hollowpoint definitely has a story thanks to a new trailer released by Ruffian Games and Paradox Interactive. Corporate mercenaries are fighting for cash and prestige is this dystopic, cut-throat future.

This new trailer expands on the "backstory of Hollowpoint’s cruel world," and gives us a glimpse of new footage. We run these 'Hollowpoint' organisations of elite mercs.

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