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Imperium Romanum Features

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Interview: We interview two game designers at Haemimont Games about their upcoming title Imperium Romanum.

Imperium Romanum is a city building game set in Ancient Rome. It is the successor of Glory of the Roman Empire, but it is not the same game - it features an improved graphical engine and a host of new gameplay mechanics, including new economy system, new battle system, fortifications, crime and so on. Mike Bowden: How excited are the team...

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Preview: Emmanuel Brown played a demo of Imperium Romanum. What is his take on this upcoming entry into the strategy genre?.

It takes a lot to stand out in the strategy genre on the PC these days, and with so many titles offering identikit resource generation and micro-management control, there really can be little to distinguish one title from another. The Roman setting in particular stands out as being the strategic equivalent of WWII for the shooter market, with seemingly every...