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James Bond 007: Blood Stone Review

It’s not about bleeding stones, or any stones for that matter…

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Former Bizarre Creations art director reveals "final thing being worked on"

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Before the British racing development studio Bizarre Creations spun off track and landed upside in a ditch, they were working on a new title powered by a new game engine, reveals a former boss.

The engine was internally made and it was "really nice tech" but never saw the light of day, laments Christopher Davie. He released some footage of the unannounced racer, showing off Dubai.

Hirshberg: UK's Bizarre closure down to "shrunk" racing genre

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Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg says Bizarre Creations' signature "is in the racing world," which is a declining videogame genre they concluded.

The decision to close Bizarre was "as much to do" with that shrinkage than "anything specific to Bizarre." It was no longer worth their "competitive energies."

Bizarre victim of "perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances"

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Three former Bizarre Creations big wigs have talked about the studio's final days, with one adding the "mistake we made" was underestimating new IP difficulty.

They "messed up" Blur's launch with delays giving them a "less-favourable release date." Their new games became "the products of committees and analysts."

Ex-Bizarre veterans form new indie studio Hogrocket Games

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Liverpool may have lost Bizarre Creations but they've at least gained Hogrocket Games, made up of the former developers. Already they're busy on a project.

This new studio is supported by a "small team of contractors" which include two BAFTA winning animators. They seem to be after the digital market.

Ex-Bizarre devs form Lucid Games

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Bizarre Creations is no more but some former big brains behind the Liverpool studio have just formed Lucid Games and they're hiring more developers.

They've got the "great history of Bizarre" behind Lucid, declares managing director Pete Wallace. Hiring new blood "not about qualifications" but attitude.

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