Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Features

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Preview: With only a month left to go, we get one final hands-on preview with Kane & Lynch 2.

There's a certain stigma surrounding the Kane & Lynch franchise. Whether it was the possibility of getting fired for giving the original game a damning score, or the quality of the title itself, a lot of negative press has surrounded Eidos' mouthy duo. With the sequel, it seems there's a lot of making up to do. First and foremost, the potential for a stand-out franchise...

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Preview: Watch your back. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

If you're unscrupulous and deceitful enough to backstab your way to the top, crime can most certainly pay in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days' uncompromisingly treacherous multiplayer. While Kane & Lynch: Dead Men didn't quite strike the right note amongst gamers and critics alike upon its release, the core concept in its multiplayer component was always an intriguing and deeply compelling one,...