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Report: Gerard Butler aboard Kane & Lynch movie project

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According to reports from the Hollywood land, actor Gerard Butler will star as Kane in the upcoming Kane & Lynch movie project with F. Gary Gray set to direct. The role of Lynch is being offered to Vin Diesel.

Since 2007 a movie adaptation of IO Interactive's game has been in the works. Nothing has been heard of the Kane & Lynch franchise since 2010's Dog Days with a Metacritic in the low 60s.

Jesper Kyd "would love to work with BioWare again"

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Composer Jesper Kyd who has produced quite the resume in terms of scores for video games judges what projects he'll work on if it grants opportunity to "create something original, not who's developing it."

Having said that though he'd "love to work with BioWare" once again, having partnered with them for MDK2. Kyd also said he was "humbled" by the "overwhelming reception" to his Assassin's Creed II score.

Syndicate and Twisted Metal demos highlight PSN weekly update

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The weekly update to the PlayStation Store includes the release of the demos for Syndicate and Twisted Metal, as well as the debut of the puzzle title Puddle. A slew of important DLC has landed on PSN as well, including the single player expansion Ryder White for Dead Island, and the launch DLC for Soul Calibur V.

Square Enix trademark 'Sleeping Dogs', fans speculate Kane & Lynch 3

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IO Interactive released Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days in 2010 and hinted that more was to come from the psychotic duo. Does the Square Enix trademark for 'Sleeping Dogs' herald a return?

Late last year a job post at developer IO called for a senior multiplayer programmer to work on a title featuring "strong cooperative multiplayer elements," which easily fits.

More Kane & Lynch is planned, they're "not going to disappear"

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Eidos life president Ian Livingstone has confirmed there will be more Kane & Lynch coming from Danish-based IO Interactive, despite the "Marmite effect".

He admits people either "loved it or hated it" with the sequel and its shaky home video style camera. It was "thrill-a-minute instant action stuff," said Livingstone.

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