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Paradox "close to 90%" digital sales, retailers 'bad' for creativity

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Fredrik Wester, Paradox Interactive CEO, has claimed it a "release" to not be reliant on retailer sales for their games, which are now "like a bonus".

He notes we "don't really need" retail chains any more, which have "not been good" for the industry - stifling creativity. It's "really relieving" to speak about it.

Paradox Interactive announces King Arthur: Fallen Champion

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Paradox Interactive and Neocore Games today announced a brand new installment for the King Arthur series, King Arthur: Fallen Champion. The stand along game will act as a bridge between King Arthur I and the upcoming sequel King Arthur II.

King Arthur: Fallen Champions features the story of three brave souls - a knight, an enchantress, and a prophet - who venture through uncharted lands beyond the Forest of Bedegraine in fulfillment of their individual quests.

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