Left 4 Dead 2 Features

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Interview: Rich Walker braves the zombie horde to talk to Chet Faliszek about the imminent Left 4 Dead sequel. (PC).

You may recall a few months back we braved oddballs pretending to be zombies to chat to Valve Marketing VP, Doug Lombardi. Like a ravenous zombie thirsting for fresh, bloody meat, we sniffed out Left 4 Dead 2’s writer, Chet Faliszek to lend us some extra insight into the eagerly awaited sequel, which is so close to launch we can almost taste its stinking, rotten flesh. Read on, if you dare…

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Preview: E3 2009 Preview.

Left 4 Dead was one of our highest rated games ever, getting awfully close to 10/10. So close, in fact, that when we saw the brief trailer for Valve's latest zombie adventure at the Microsoft Press Conference, we knew we had to check it out directly from developer Valve. So we did. Left 4 Dead 2 is very similar to its prequel. It keeps the...

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Interview: We pick Doug Lombardi's brain regarding Left 4 Dead 2.

Unperturbed by the overzealous actors hired to act like zombies for the day, we sat down with Valve’s PR spokesperson Doug Lombardi at a recent Left 4 Dead 2 event in London, to pick his juicy brain about the forthcoming sequel. Braaaaiiinsss…etc. Strategy Informer: First question on everyone’s lips has to be why you’re choosing to release a Left 4 Dead sequel so...