Lords of the Fallen Features

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Preview: Nick Horth sees action RPG Lords of the Fallen in action, and tries to avoid mentioning Dark Souls every other sentence. With limited success.

The world of Deck 13's next-gen action RPG Lords of the Fallen doesn't sound like the nicest place to live. We'll kick off with a brief history lesson. So humanity has successfully killed their god, who by all accounts was pretty old testament and enjoyed smiting the guilty and innocent alike. With his death at the culmination of a bitter war, demons are banished from the world....

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Preview: Fun, if slightly unoriginal, dungeon-crawling in CI Games' hack-and-slash RPG.

Let's get this out of the way now. Lords of the Fallen takes a whole bunch of stuff from Dark Souls. Tactical twitch combat with loads of weapons? Check. Vicious boss battles and unforgiving enemies? Check. Sprawling fantasy world complete with a tale of struggling gods and mortals? Yes and yes. The first time you sit down with CI Games' action RPG it's impossible not to...