Mafia III Summary

Latest Updates Announces Summer Sale, Obduction Free For 48 Hours

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Good Old Games has announced their 2019 Summer Sale, which will include Obduction free for the next two days, as well as BioShock Infinite Complete Edition for 75% off.

Take-Two Interactive Posts Holiday Quarter Results - Mafia III Clocks In With 5 Million Sales

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If you're into reading 11-page documents of business big-wigs talking financials, then do we have the goods for you! It's time for publishers to relish in the cash we threw at them over the holiday period and that's a time for data and statistical analysis we can all enjoy.

Take A 10th Car For A Trip To The Races In Mafia III's Custom Rides and Races DLC

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It may not have performed quite to the expectations of the general public, but 2K Games were content enough with the sales of Mafia III. With players still to please, it's time for the latest additions to the criminal sandbox - races!

Mafia III Update 1.04 - Changelog

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Mafia 3 had a rough launch especially on PC and the game has already been patched several times. A new update has launched which not only contains fixes but also includes free cosmetic downloadable content for all players.

2K Games Meddling Killed Mafia 3, Evolve and Irrational, Claims Ex Dev

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An unknown ex-developer from the now closed Bioshock creators Irrational Games has taken to writing an article on hackernoon to express claim that publisher 2K Games are responsible not only for Irrational Games closure but also for the tanked projects of Evolve, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified  and Mafia 3.

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