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Paradox Interactive's Magicka 2 launches today on PC

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The second instalment of 'irresponsible misanthrope' wizards adventuring together has arrived with Magicka 2 out today. The robed spell-flingers return in both single-player and co-op beam-crossing action.

All game modes in Magicka 2 support up to 4-player co-op with friendly fire always on for "hilarious disasters". The new artifacts system will change-up the game rules every time.

Paradox hosting Magicka: Wizard Wars pre-launch event, "bad-ass streaming" runs 5:00pm CEST - 8:00pm CEST

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Tonight Paradox Interactive are celebrating their pre-launch event for free-to-play Magicka: Wizard Wars, and they're live streaming the antics through the official Twitch channel. It's the Pros vs. the Devs in an all-new game mode.

There are even prizes up for grabs with Paradox's Escher and TotalyMoo hosting the event. Tomorrow Magicka Wizard Wars officially releases tomorrow, leaving Early Access behind.

Magicka Wizard Wars debuts new game mode next week, April 28th

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A new soul harvesting, effigy destroying, focus hoarding mode is coming next week to the PvP minded Magicka: Wizard Wars, the free-to-play MOBA from Paradox Interactive. It'll debut with a new map full of objectives.

Two teams work to kill monsters and harvest their souls, which they'll need to take down the other team's glorious effigy. Strategic locations dot the map and huge spells come in four tiers powered by focus.

Magicka: Wizard Wars leaves Early Access April 28th, montage trailer released

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Paradox Interactive has announced free-to-play PvP Magicka: Wizard Wars will be leaving the Early Access badlands for a full release by the end of the month; April 28th. An all-new game mode and new maps will debut.

An update will arrive sooner on April 14th for those still testing, and includes "several new features" giving a sneak peak to the full release, like a new progression system and 'try before you die' spells.

Magicka: Wizard Wars celebrates its one year anniversary by dressing you as an Imp

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Paradox Interactive is celebrating the one year anniversary of its free-to-play spell 'em up Magicka: Wizard Wars today, offering a special Imp skin to each of the game's 1 million registered users.

They've also released some interesting data on several milestones Wizard Wars has passed since its release on Early Access back in October 2013.

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