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Mass Effect 3 Reviews


Mass Effect 3 Review

Also known as: Commander Shepard - Like a Bawss.

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Best of the series, except for that one thing. · by SirRoderick ·

I just finished the game!

It was epic, fabulous, awesome, fantastic, magnificent, superb, titanic, transcendent, spine-tinglingly perfect!

Right up until the ending...

Really, best singleplayer game I've played since...well, Mass Effect 2! But that ending *groans*...I told myself people were overreacting, but I can't help like feeling I got slapped in the face with that one. It doesn't explain ANYTHING!

On top of which, it basically pulls a last second deus ex machina, which is just awful. It raises more questions than it answers for gods sake!

I loved playing the game, but the vague, inconsistent and in some areas downright baffling ending just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. The fact that literally every part of the game besides the final 5 minutes were so good almost makes it worse.

So I love the game, hate the guy(s) in charge of the ending.

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