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From Normandy to Singapore, this game immerses you in WW2 like never before...

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Men of War: Assault Squad 2 now on Steam Early Access

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For all who pre-purchase Men of War: Assault Squad 2 the beta is now available to enjoy, but indie developer Digitalmindsoft warns it's a rough road ahead for early adopters. They'll gradually expand the beta.

Assault Squad 2 uses a different engine than the first and the team are still hammering out the kinks, but it does bring with it multi-core threading and fancy shaders. Stability their main concern.

Men of War dev announce crowd-funded Call to Arms, "modern war setting" RTS

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Digitalmindsoft has got enough funds together to begin production on their next project, Call to Arms, with "every cent offered" by crowd funding funnelled into the RTS.

This new RTS from the studio will feature their "innovative "direct control" feature," a third-person action mode. There'll be two playable factions, 20 vehicles and over 60 firearms.

Men of War: Assault Squad and DLC sell over 300,000 units

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Digitalmindsoft has announced that Men of War: Assault Squad and its DLC have sold over 300,000 units on Steam. These figures make it the most successful title in the Men of War series.

Men of War's Digitalmindsoft post 'open letter' to Steam, 'pre-order covered game'

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Developer Digitalmindsoft of Men of War: Assault Squad has posted an open love letter to Valve and their Steam store. They reveal the development cost was covered by pre-orders alone.

It's still selling to PC fans and has "generated more than 5 times" its cost to Digitalmindsoft, thanks to Steam's 'prompt updates' to the game. Steam has earned a "well-deserved status".

1C Announces Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY Edition

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1C has announced they will be releasing a Game of the Year Edition for their World War II RTS - Men of War: Assault Squad.

This edition features the original game, plus all of the DLC release so far, for a total of 25 skirmish maps, over 50 multiplayer maps, 5 playable nations, over 100 infantry weapons and over 200 vehicles.

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