Men of War: Assault Squad Features

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Interview: We delve deeper into the recently announced expansion for WW2 strategy hit Men of War.

Men of War: Assault Squad was the recently announced second stand-alone expansion for Men of War, the best WW2 RTS to emerge in the wake of Company of Heroes. But what do we really know about it? Well we launched our own Operation: Overlord during 1C's Prague'n'Play 2010 event, and we kidnapped ourselves our Russian by the name of Chris Kramer, who may or may...

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Preview: We go hands-on with the recently announced Assault Squads expansion Men of War..

Men of War is another one of those titles that I like to call a 'silent stunner'. It didn't make many waves, and probably went relatively unnoticed by more mainstream audiences (strategy games not part of blockbuster series generally do). It's realistic approach to combat, its focus on action orientated game play (as opposed to the tried and tired base building of old) made it...