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Metro 2033: The Last Refuge Latest News

Metro Redux announced by Deep Silver, "fully re-mastered" 2033 and Last Light

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4A Games and Deep Silver have officially confirmed that Metro Redux is a thing, and that thing is a "fully re-mastered and improved" re-release of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

They boast 60FPS on the consoles with "new and improved content and features" for all. It's "much more" than a HD tune-up, with 2033 rebuilt in Last Light's engine.

THQ giving away free Metro 2033 Steam codes via Facebook

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Publisher THQ is promoting Metro: Last Light by throwing free redeemable Steam codes for Metro 2033 at us. All you do is sign into Facebook and give them the thumbs up with a Like.

There's an additional step though; you need to download and run a file from THQ. We're told to follow the on-screen instructions to earn our redeemable key. What cheek.

THQ plead "patience" while they fix Metro 2033's achievements

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Whoops is the word. Publisher THQ asks for more "patience" as they still try to figure out where Metro 2033's achievements have gone wrong.

The Xbox 360 version is plagued with rebellious achievements ever since the update to support 2033's Ranger Pack DLC. Must "pinpoint" fault.

THQ: Metro 2034 on way and in 3D

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THQ's core games VP, Danny Bilson has announced a sequel to Metro 2033 is in the works and it will fully support 3D. 1 of 4 THQ games for 3D.

Nvidia and THQ have Metro 2033 "in 3D right now" as a "key demo" product. A 3D sequel will cost extra but they're there at "low risk and high quality".