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Binding of Isaac creator's Mewgenics is "Officially Back in Development"

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Announced a good while back, Edmund McMillen's Mewgenics is now officially back in development (again).

Mew-Genics, the cat game from Binding Of Isaac and The End is Nigh devs, Lives

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The cat genetics strategy "crazy cat lady simulator" from Edward McMillen and Tyler Glacial, the one with the greatest game trailer ever made, is back in production.

Team Meat's attention returns to Super Meat Boy Forever

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Now what Team Meat's Edmund McMillen has released deeply weird police line-up game Fingered, he's returning his attention back to loveable Meat Boy.

"Super Meat Boy Forever is back in development again and is my primary project at this point now that Afterbirth is basically complete on my end and Fingered is out," he told Destructoid. "Mew is on hold till after Forever is out, the only target release is, 'When it's done.'"

Team Meat explains "cat identity" algorithms in their latest Mew-genics blog

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What makes a cat a hipster? A moustache. This is Team Meat's scientific deduction and they give us a glimpse at their wider Mew-genics research into cat-kind. They explain the impact furniture and items have.

There are a lot of traits being track to define a cat's personality, with cat types stacking in "many ways and effect many things," with "literally 100s of pieces" of furniture cats identify with.

Team Meat reveals Animal Crossing-style furnishing - via hoarding

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Team Meat has announced one of their new features for their cat breeding sim Mew-Genics: an Animal Crossing-style home furnishing, that will not only give the player something to do but affect their cats as well.

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