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Sniper Elite loses multiplayer servers, "Rebellion not consulted" over decision

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Developer Rebellion confirms that Sniper Elite's mulitplayer servers through Gamespy are no longer running, but not by a decision reached themselves. GLU Mobile pulled the plug 'without consultation'.

The studio had been paying the third-party so Sniper Elite fans could "play online for free," which they've been doing for the past seven years. GLU have targetted other older titles too, like SWAT 4.

Microsoft reveals GFWL line-up

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Helping reboot Games for Windows Live with Microsoft are a number of major studios like Capcom, Square Enix, Rockstar Games and 2K.

When the redesigned platform launches November 15th it will be offering titles like Fable: The Lost Chapters, GTA3, Max Payne and more.

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