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Microsoft Flight Latest News

Microsoft shuts down Microsoft Flight and 'Project Columbia' development

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Earlier today, reports were leaked by sources that Microsoft had shut down its Vancouver studio. The source allegedly told Kotaku, "We've just gotten word that the entire studio at Microsoft Games Studios on 840 Cambie has been laid off. 35 people in total. This is nuts. We'll update with more when we can."

However, Microsoft has refuted the report that the entire studio had been shut down. Rather, the publisher had shut down two projects, the ongoing development of Microsoft Flight, the free-to-play flight simulator, and "Project Columbia."

Microsoft Flight launches on Steam

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Microsoft Flight may be a free-to-play Games for Window Live title, chock full of Live Achievements, but gamers now have the option of picking the game up on Steam.

One would consider it odd for players to pick up a GFWL title on Steam, but as of this writing, Microsoft Flight is currently the 32nd most active game on Valve's service.

Microsoft Flight landing on 29th February

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Microsoft has announced that the free-to-play flight sim Microsoft Flight will be landing on the 29th February.

Microsoft Flight going free-to-play

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The latest generation of the Flight Simulator series will be going free-to-play, according to a new announcement by Microsoft regarding their upcoming sim Microsoft Flight. The simulation will be released sometime in the Spring.

The game will be available as a free download, which will include the main island of Hawaii and the ICON A5, a new real-life monoplane that has just gone into production for 2012. Players who sign in through Games for Windows Live will also get some more free content, including the Boeing Stearman, additional missions, and Achievements, along with daily flight challenges.

Beta signups for Microsoft Flight now available

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Microsoft has started a registration page for gamers interested in a closed beta-test for the next generation of the company's flight sims, simply titled Microsoft Flight. The beta will commence in January 2012.

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