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Schatz expresses disappointment in low XBLA sales for Monaco

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Monaco developer Andy Schatz has expressed disappointment in low sales of the stylistic heist game Monaco on Xbox Live Arcade. The game had suffered numerous delays and lukewarm critical response.

Monaco hitting XBLA on the 10th May

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Monaco, the abstract class-based, top-down bank heist game, was released on PC two weeks ago. It will be getting its Xbox Live Arcade debut this week on the 10th May, according to developer Pocketwatch.

Monaco's XBLA release delayed; PC version on time

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Monaco will be missing its scheduled Xbox Live Arcade launch date thanks to a programming glitch, according to developer Pocketwatch Games.

Microsoft offering rewards for buying and playing XBLA titles

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Microsoft has announced that this April, gamers will be able to enjoy a new Xbox Live Rewards program which incentivizes gamers into playing select Xbox Live Arcade games to earn VIP exclusive content.

Stretch goals "perfect way" to make an "insufficiently complete or bloated" game

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Monaco creator Andy Schatz feels that designing a game around a shifting budget is "a terrible way to design", as he explains his "unpopular opinion" of Kickstarter and the rise of stretch goals.

He goes as far as to say they're "total bullsh*t." This is his 'idealism' as a game designer speaking, says Schatz. He believes you should "figure out what the game is" and what it needs.

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