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Rebellion's Zombie Army Trilogy coming March 6th, discount for PC owners

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Rebellion has announced shooter Zombie Army Trilogy will be coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early March. It includes Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2, but also Zombie Army 3.

It's a spin-off in the Sniper Elite series where Nazi Germany is overrun with the occult, and the Trilogy includes 8 playable heroes, 12 solo and co-op missions, plus a new horde mode.

Rebellion announces the Zombie Army Trilogy, coming in early 2015 to all platforms

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Rebellion is packing up its popular Sniper Elite spin-off series Nazi Zombie Army into a trilogy box set, to be unsurprisingly called the Zombie Army Trilogy. It will contain the first two games in the series, which are currently available as standalone expansions, and an as yet unreleased third entry.

Self-published by Rebellion on all formats, the game will feature fifteen missions across the three campaigns, and bucketloads of gore thanks to the series' trademark X-Ray Kill Cam. Which is perfect for shooting bits of zombies.

Rebellion announces Nazi Zombie Army, a zombified version of Sniper Elite

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Sniper Elite developer Rebellion has announced a new game in which the player snipes Nazis - except this time, they're zombies, titled Nazi Zombie Army.

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