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NecroVisioN Features

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Interview: Read our interview with project lead, Wojciech Pazdur who tells us about NecroVisioN and much, much more..

Every wondered why you should be excited about NecroVisioN, the up and coming WWI shooter from Farm 51? No? Well how about if we told you how instead of playing hide and seek with your enemy, you’re so fearsome that your enemies will turn and run? What about the fact that it promises to be more of a fantasy-horror title, rather than a standard run and gun affair? Don’t believe us? Well, read our...

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Preview: Get ready to march against the machine guns of WWI and battle the vampires that occupied the ground beneath it..

Aside from having a name worthy of a 1980’s thrash metal band, NecroVisioN is a mysterious title. Developed by the guys who worked on Painkiller for the PC, it brings forth a setting virtually untouched by gaming. World War I is in full swing and it’s up to you to take control of American grunt Simon Bukner. There have been countless WWII shooters, but never one that captures the horror...