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Need for Speed: The Run Features

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Preview: We catch up with EA's latest racer...

As a brand, it's fair to say Need for Speed has become disillusioned. While Hot Pursuit unleashed an adrenaline-fuelled police chase on the world, Shift 2 followed up by penalising players with simulation like rules. It seems EA are content with developing all kinds of racers and throwing them together under the Need for Speed banner. Although this...

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Preview: We take one last look at Need for Speed: The Run...

Wow, have there seriously been eighteen Need for Speed games already? That's a lot of speeding right there... not even Final Fantasy has reached that many yet. Contrary to what was hinted at when it was first announced, Need for Speed: The Run does not involve any actual running. Sure, you do get out of the car, but it's only for story-driving interactive cut...