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MMO Nether adds motorcycles, group 'tribe' system and escort objectives

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First-person urban survival MMO Nether now let's its post-apocalypse denizens travel around its dangerous online world via motorcycles, and let players form 'tribes' to officially group up.

There's also a new objective added called Escort Mission, which involves transporting a heavy beaconed box to shopkeepers in safe zones that attract nethers.

Humans vs. vampires game Nether now on Steam Early Access

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Gamers interested in joining the war between humans and vampires will be interested to know that Nether is now available on Steam Early Access, and on sale as a part of Valve's Steam sale.

Preorders and early access announced for open world survival game Nether

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Phosphor Games has announced that pre-orders of their first person survival horror game Nether will begin on the 31st October 2013. Those that pre-order the game will get 72 hour guest game keys to give to friends among other in-game perks.

Massively multiplayer Nether announced by Phosphor Games

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Phosphor has announced their new horror-themed massively multiplayer online game Nether, which is inspired by Day Z, but has no zombies. Instead, it has other supernatural creatures.

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